IPSec VPN tunnel issue

Does 7.0.2 include the fix for the IPSec VPN tunnel issue that required a special FW for 7.0.1. I don’t see that listed in the release notes unless I missed it.

Yes, this is included.

I’m running 7.0.2 and so far so good. It doesn’t look like the ability to set up profiles for AP’s made it into this version. I hope we see that soon.

Spoke too soon. VPN issues are back! It does not appear 7.0.2 has the IPSec VPN fix. At least not for the Balance One.

Please help to open ticket. We need to investigate.


@Ryan_Finger, we have checked. The fixes in v7.0.1 special firmware will be included in v7.0.2RC, not v7.0.2 beta.

Thanks for reporting this!

Thanks for confirming. I had to roll back to 7.0.1 since the VPN issue was causing an outage. Good to know it will be in the RC.