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The Content database has not been updated since early January. What is the schedule?


Hello @Steve_Tx,
We suggest raising a formal support ticket to manually update your device if it is critical to your business. We expect that Peplink| Pepwave does not maintain the content filtering databases themselves. Most likely, the databases were sourced (under licence/subscription) from a third-party provider. It is likely Peplink no longer have a viable commercial relationship with the provider, so until (or if) a suitable replacement can get secured, Peplink|Pepwave customers are unlikely ever to see another update.

If a new provider gets organised, updates should be at a minimum every seven (7) days; domains change that fast. Users need options to schedule the frequency of the updates from 7, 14 & 28 days; anything longer and various systems risk not providing adequate, up-to-date protection. The distribution and scheduling of these database updates could get managed from InControl2 (Content Filtering Database - schedule/automatic data update from InControl2).

We expect that Peplink|Pepwave will have to remove/reduce the Content Filtering in future firmware versions (such as the upcoming version 9 firmware). Decreasing the options in the Content Filtering got done between Firmware 7 and 8. As the new firmware advances, it is possible again that these options will again get reduced/removed for several reasons, such as:

Hence, it is fair to expect Peplink|Peplink to no longer offer a relevant content filtering service in the future and refocus on its core offerings and solutions being SD-WAN & SpeedFusion.

We will miss the content filtering feature, though we expect its decline/removal is a business decision made by Peplink|Pepwave for technical and commercial reasons.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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