Content Filtering Database - schedule/automatic data update from InControl2

Hello Peplink Engineering,
We have only just recently found out the the Content Filtering Database has to be manually updated from within the devices Status page by click Update.

Can we propose having a way, just like firmware updates, to schedule these updates or to let them propagate out automatically when the device is part of InControl2 organisation?

Here is a scenario, Imagine if your organisation has a hundred devices all using the Content Filtering Database and you have to manually connect to each of the units Status page to do the update?

Just thought to share, would be interested in others thoughts too.
Marcus :slight_smile:

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I discovered the same right now and I strongly suggest to add automatic update feature (either on Incontrol or on the device)

I have almost an hundred of devices and I sincerely don’t like to check and update manually each one…

can someone shed a light on this?

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This is on our plan and current target to be on next major release. Likely this will be on 7.1.0 and coming close to end of this year.

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Hello Eddy,
Any update on this feature request please?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

The Update link is not available on my status page.
I have valid warranty and InControl2 subscription.
I only see Download (r20171116), no “Update”
What am i doing wrong?

You are having the latest update. Hence, no update is available.

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So the database of november 16 2017 is the latest?

@KoenD, yes. Fyi, a wording “Update” will be available next to “Download (r20171116)” if next update is available.

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The Peplink content database is great for the subscription price (that being free). Its not a substitute for a true packet inspection firewall with continuous updates. We use Untangle.

Hi TK!

What is the procedure to update the content filtering database of an old Balance with firmware 6.3.4 (cannot be upgraded to newer versions as it is old HR)? Since there is no option for “Database Auto update” checkbox nor the option to manually update?

Is it even possible?


@hcardenas, can you share your Peplink/Pepwave model and the hardware revision?

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Balance 710 - HR2 - FW 6.3.4 build 3613


Unfortunately, Balance 710 Hw2 is an old hardware and it’s latest firmware is 6.3.4. The update for the content blocking DB is not available since structure is different. You may need to consider upgrading the hardware.

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