Balance 30 PRO - Content Filtering - Lite Version Categories

Hello Peplink Support,
A product that is picking up in popularity here in Australia is the Peplink Balance 30 PRO; customers are taking to this as a practical network edge device.

Missing is something found on all their other Peplink & Pepwave router, that is category based content filtering. Related post in the forum that has asked for this in the past are:
@cgreen Add category based content filtering to other devices in the range
@mldowling Balance 30 LTEA - Content Filtering - Lite Version Categories

Of particular interest would be to have the content filtering option like the Lite categories, as mentioned in these two posts:

Also to be able to monitor the port status would be nice too as previously spoken about here (and visible now with many devices on FW7.1.2 & FW 8.0.0)

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Hello @Lai & @sitloongs,
Can you please see with 8.0.1 RC3 if the “Content Filtering - Lite Version Categories” feature seeked in this post will be possible?

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if at least the light version of the content filtering category list could be implemented in the Balance 30 pro.

But this request seems to be ignored…

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