Setting up List-Based Web Blocking


As of Firmware 6.3, Peplink devices can block specific site categories as defined by built-in block lists in addition to blocking specific web domains.

Supported Devices

Two versions are available: Lite and Full. The full version supports a larger blacklist with more specific categories.

Balance: One, 210, 310
MAX: BR1, BR1 ENT, BR2, Transit, OTG, 700 HD2, HD2 Mini, HD4
MediaFast: 200, HD2, HD4
Surf: SOHO

Balance: 305, 380, 580, 710, 1350, 2500
MediaFast: 500, 750

Setting Categories

To begin, navigate to Network > Firewall > Content Blocking (For MAX Devices: Advanced > Content Blocking).

Lite Version

Full Version

For either version, select the categories you wish to block by ticking the checkmarks. Alternately, you can also use our presets by clicking the High, Moderate, and Low radio buttons.

Once the presets are selected, you will be able to add or remove categories as needed. Please note that the presets may change when the Firmware upgrades, potentially changing your category selection.

Setting Customized Domains

In addition to categories, you can also specify domains to block or allow. Domains under “Customized Domains” are not allowed while domains under “Exempted Domains” are allowed.

If “” is entered, any web site with a host name ending in will be blocked, e.g. www․,, etc. However, “” will not be blocked.

You may enter the wild card “.” at the end of a domain name to block any web site with a host name having the domain name in the middle. If you enter “foobar.”, then “”, “”, or “” will be blocked. Placing the wild card in any other position is not supported.

The device will inspect and look for blocked domain names on all HTTP traffic. Secure web (HTTPS) traffic is not supported.

Setting Exempted User Groups and Subnets

You can also set up specific user groups or subnets to exempt from web blocking and application blocking. Simply click the checkbox for the groups you wish to exempt, and add your network and subnet masks. Please note that these exemptions affect both web and application blocking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Web Blocking list work?
Your router has an integrated list of website categories (e.g. adverts, file sharing). When the router detects traffic from a source URL that matches the website list, that traffic can then be blocked if needed.

Will the Web Blocking list work without an IC2 subscription?
Yes, the Web Blocking list will continue to function without an IC2 subscription. However, the list will not be updated.

Will the Web Blocking list work for out-of-warranty devices?
Yes, the Web Blocking list will continue to function for out-of-warranty devices. However, the list will not be updated.

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