LAN port status and log messages

As we can see status of every LAN ports in HD4/AP One, is there any plans to extend this status information for inControl and local log records?
Currently, only WAN WLAN are options we can log…

We do have roadmap to show LAN port status. Please stay tuned.

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Hello TK_Liew,
Is there any update on seeing the physical network port status of the devices in the web GUI & within InControl2 yet?
This will be participial helpful when attempting to remote diagnose/support equipment, especially the balance ONE series with all of it ports


We know that we can already do this with the SD-Switch series from within InControl2 and the web GUI (as per these images from IC2 & the GUI).
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, we target to show LAN port status on v7.1.0 tentatively on the device. v7.1.0 should be available end of this year.


Hello @TK_Liew,
That’s great news, look forward to the feature and being able to test this when suitable.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi TK!

could you please add a description tool, so that we could name each port (e.g. Service 1, Service 2, Wi-Fi etc)? I see, that there is an Edit option in 7.1 firmware but, it does not work currently.
Also it would be nice if we could describe ports in web admin too :slight_smile:



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@JakubN, we received the similar request and we are working on this. Thanks for your request.


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If we could place a NAME/ID on each of the ethernet ports visible via the router’s GUI it would very much help remote troubleshooting. The information showing port status is extremely useful (thanks for that!) but a legend which shows what the port “is” would be most helpful.

Example of use: We’re trying to troubleshoot a Balance One and we see Port 8 going up and down repeatedly. The owner is not sure what’s connected to that port. Once we find out what it is we’d like to “label” it.

This was implemented. Please find the screenshot below.


Ahhh. Yes. OK. Thanks very much. We were looking for it at Status → Ethernet Ports.
Much appreciated!


The Status → Ethernet Ports will show the Name/ID description that set under Network → LAN → Port Settings as well …


As of firmware 8.1.1 there is no Status → Ethernet ports, at least not on a Balance 20x. Did this feature get delayed? Is it only available on some models?

@Michael234, you are right! It is available on certain models, namely, Balance One|Two|210, MAX HD4|HD2 MBX, HD4, etc.

How about the 710, SDX, BR series?
Shows lan status on the support page, and has option to alert on lan ports, why can we not show the lan status on the dashboard or in ic2?