PoE output on Ethernet WAN

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Hello Peplink Team,
Several of the newer models (i.e. EPX, SDX, MDX) coming out from Peplink have the SD-WAN configurable “8x GE PoE Module” allowing you to define the ports as either WAN or LAN. In LAN mode we can utilise the PoE from the device, yet in WAN mode this is not offered, WHY? There are several products, such as the Pepwave Device Connector and other manufacturers of PtP Links that can be powered by PoE using the standards of 802.3af/at.

We are currently attempting to demo several of the three models where PoE on WAN would be beneficial. We are getting around this by using a Peplink SD-Switch and assigning a dedicated VLANs onto Paired ports (say 7&8, 5&6, 3&4), the odd # is being connected to the device’s router WAN port while the even # port connects to the WAN device (i.e. Device Connector & PtP Link).

Also missing from InControl2 is the visual port status and option to configure the ports of the “8x GE PoE Module” & the “4x SFP+ Module”, can we please see this feature added for all Peplink devices into InControl2 (relevant previous thread LAN port status and log messages)

This request relates to our previous post and the reply from @Lai

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We appreciate Marcus suggestion. Here is our deployment situation:
We think the SpeedfusionEngine in combination with the SIM-Injector is an excellent solution for deployments where you want to have small antenna cablerun. The SIM-Injector has PoE but i can not power my SFE with it, because it has no PoE-in.

Second Feature Request: SIM injector is a layer 2 device.If we need to use 4 SFE in marine installation and combine the uplinks (eg. on a balance router) of all SFE’s we need to have different VLAN’s on the SFEs. The SIM-Injector needs to be a layer 3 device, where i can setup VLAN’s on the different ports (just like Marcus suggestion). Please add SIM-banks into the sd-switches, make the “SIM-Switch” InControl-manageable. This would be a great evolution. Wherever possible, add PoE as a way to power mobile routers and enable PoE-out wherever possible.
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Older post but…
There are clear needs to need POE on both LAN and WAN port of, for example, the Max Transit. POE on LAN is clear, i.e. cameras, aps, etc., but can easily be mitigated by a separate POE switch. POE on WAN is needed for various CPE devices requiring power over ethernet, e.g., outdoor cpe wifi routers needing power (Bullet, Metal, Groove, etc.). A switch isn’t easily used to mitigate this.
When you need BOTH, which I do, what is one to do?