Ability to receive SMS messages as notifications and respond to them

We just had an issue this week where one of our customers with a HD4 completely went down at 5am. After hours of troubleshooting and us shipping them out a new HD4, we discovered that Rogers the ISP had been sending text messages to all 4 SIMs for a few days basically saying they were using a large amount of data and have been cut off, and to reply “GO” to re-enable data, otherwise it will be enabled at the next billing cycle.

When I go into the SMS toolkit I can see the messages there now, but there’s no way to reply to them or to even know they were there. We are looking into options but have basically been told that this cannot be disabled and is in place to prevent extremely high data bills, meaning it will basically keep happening to all our customers. We are advising customer’s to get SIMs from multiple telcos to at least help with this issue.

It would be great if there was a way to at least receive the texts forwarded as emails or something, as even if we can’t reply to them we could call the cell provider on the customer’s behalf to request the data be reactivated.



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