Feature Request: Allow to send SMS messages from MAX products



I really have a requirement to send text messages from my BR1 Mini. My mobile Vendor (O2) makes it REALLY hard to find how much data is remaining on a SIM card. But they do allow requesting this information via SMS.

Even my cheap dongle allows me to send texts from the device.

Please Peplink would you add this feature?



I second this, adding SMS or even SMS command functionality is a great addition in my opinion.

Does this have anything to do with the SIM Toolkit:

I am in the same situation. I currently need to pull my SIM out of the BR1 each time I want to check the balance, because my ISP does this via SMS rather than USSD ! I would be very appreciative if you would add this feature. Thanks!

Some mobile vendors in the UK do not support USSD requests, so SMS requests are a much more universal and consistent way to request information like how much data left on a SIM.

I have used this method with success on other mobile devices, but on the Peplink I have to move the SIM card to a different device to get usage information, and as I said in my original post I think that Peplink should add this feature.


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