How to Use USSD Codes on Cellular-Enabled Routers

To access your router's USSD functionality, navigate to Advanced > Misc Settings > SIM Toolkit, and the following menu will appear:

Enter your USSD code under the USSD Code text field and click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation. To check the SMS response, click Get.

You will receive the response to your USSD code. It may take a minute or two for it to show up.


Question / How to get the correct USSD Code ? from Data Carrier (ATT) ??

Hello @industeq,
USSD Codes are defined independently by each SIM provider/carrier network.

You will need to contact your SIM provider/carrier for more details on the USSD codes that they use.

Alternatively you could contact your local Peplink partner and they may be able to guide you on the local codes you are looking for.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,

I am not seeing the “Get” button under USSD.

We are using the du network in the UAE. Dialling the USSD code requires us to reply by typing a number command, however, there is no way for us to reply to the instructions, as shown in the screenshot.

Please check and advise.