SMS - Text message using 3G/4G USB (Mobile Internet)

Providers like T-Mobile provide unlimited text message with data plan. It will be great if Peplink can add SMS notification along with email notification using the 3G/4G usb modem.

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Yes, it would be great if we could get some feedback about this feature if it can/will be added in a future fw.

I concur, this would be a great feature to add to the Surf-SOHO and Balance-380.

It would be also interesting to read received sms in order to get precise data consumption and the possibility to order extended data pack via sms to the operator as some allow you to send an sms to a specific number to buy a volume of data.

An answer from someone over at PepLink team would be much appreciated about this feature request, if its planned in a future fw release or any thoughts on implementing this at all.
Thank you!

I have put a request in for this before. Would be a great feature.
We require it quiet often to create log in details for the providers web portal etc. and have to take the SIM card out, set it up in another router or cell phone and then acquire the required info and then put it back into the Pepwave. Ten minute job for something that would only take one minute if done from the Pepwave!

Hi all,

We yet to have plan on this since we supported E-mail notification and Router Untility.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.

The email notifications and router utility are great but they don’t allow for txts to be sent and received - mainly from the service provider about the contract, data usage etc

I really don’t know what this ahs to do with SMS messages , E-mail Notifications and Router Utility is for administrators to get notified of the status or any event.
The request for SMS integration was so we can receive SMS and even send in case we use a router with embedded 3G/LTE modem or an external USB modem, it might not seem so important to you but I bet for many mobile data users it is because the network operator usually sends SMS’s about data plans usage and other relevant info and likewise there is many operators who support sending SMS commands to restrict/change plans/etc…

This should be a priority for you to integrate so we dont have to go trough the hassle to insert the SIM on a modem and connect it to a PC in case of embedded modem or the USB modem to a PC.

I really don’t think it is that hard to integrate, I used to create web based SMS gateways and it was honestly a joke to set code and set up such thing few years back.

Please take in consideration to step up on this hence if you look at others , some already have the implemented in the routers UI.

Thank you!

Hi Guys. Fully understand the request here and see the value add in being able to receive SMS messages on the router (with subsequent email notification to admins). Let me check with the Software team and get their feedback on this.

The update from software engineering is that this is a feature we know you all want and that we are really keen to add. It is undergoing technical analysis now, with a feasibility study under way and the beginnings of a technical specification is being actively drafted from this ongoing analysis for its implementation.

No hard time-scales yet - as the feasibility study is required to estimate the time required to develop it. I’ll update you all as I hear more.

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