Sending and receiving SMS messages programmatically


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Is it possible to send SMS messages programmatically with the MAX BR1 Pepwave router from a computer plugged into the router (e.g through AT commands or directly from the command line on the router)?

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SMS sending by MAX router
Ability to receive SMS messages as notifications and respond to them

Sending SMS Command to control/retrieve information to/from MAX routers is not available at the moment.

Do you mind to share more details on your use case?


I have exactly the same request as athurf. I have a PC connected to the router. I want to send a custom SMS message from my PC to any phone number outside. Does the Peplink router provide an AT-Command for doing this, like its usual for GSM-Modules inside the PC ?


@cgqinno and @arthurf

Recently, we received a lot of request regarding to sending SMS via MAX devices. After discussed with Engineering team, they agreed to include the feature targeted for firmware version 7.2.0.

IOT/PC/others —Via Device Level API—> MAX Device —> Send SMS


Balance series also? :grinning:


@Rick-DC, yes, it should apply to Balance models with embedded modem too. :wink:


Hello @sitloongs & @WeiMing,
We have clients very interested in this that have SCADA Systems & HMI (Human Machine Interface) where they are needing to replace their existing SMS alerts and notification system on the systems with new routers capable of the same (we email one customer recently to @Dan)

The Pepwave MAX range tick all almost all of the requirements for the clients with one noticeable exception for SMS via RS232 &/or API, now that Firmware 7.1.1 is GA, what is the timeline of receiving a version of 7.2.0 with the ability to send SMS (& receive responses) for people to provision with?

In Australia people previously used (…) with thousands of these units used here and we expect around the world, (…) have now ceased development of the range perusing interests in different fields with no suitable replacement for all of those customers looking to move forward & acquire updated systems, this is a small part of why we came over to Peplink, one of the few things missing in the MAX range is the SMS integration feature, something we would at least expect in an M2M router, there is a real need for Peplink to finish what (…) lost interest in, SMS alters and SMS notifications may be old school, though they still work extremely well.
(…) is a not just one, though several companies and brands we know of, no point adverting there names here.

PS, We would be very happy for Pelink to code into the firmware a SMS rate limit to prevent people abusing the Pepwave MAX equipment for SMS spamming if that is something Peplink is concerned about, offering a licence key upgrade for MSPs & Enterprises that can demonstrate a genuine need for higher messaging rates. We are aware the SMS spamming was an concern for some of (…).

Note: This thread has some overlaps with another forum feature request:

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