Sending and receiving SMS messages programmatically


You need to integrate with Peplink Router Device Level API to sending the SMS. You can refer to the API guide below:

Sample test case using POSTMAN:

Step 1. Login with username and password (/api/login)

Step 2. Send SMS /api/cmd/sms.sendMessage

Note: Coming Soon, Peplink Router Device Level API will be available via IC2 API. Detail info can be found using the following forum post:


Great! Thanks for the info, I got it working. Are there any plans to be able to read messages the sim card has received?


SIM Toolkit allow you to retrieve the SMS via WebAdmin access.

or you are looking at the device API level ?


What would cause the SIM Toolkit to say only “No SMS” under SMS or when you hit refresh button there? (when SIM in another device receives test text messages fine)

Does SMS reception through the SIM Toolkit have to be enabled somewhere in the GUI?

Both device having the same firmware version ?

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Unfortunately, I only have one Peplink device that has cellular here, a BR1 mini, to test with. The SIM can receive text messages if I put it in another device (verizon brand MIFI hotspot). I don’t know much about SMS/text messages; I believe some plans can block text messages, but that is not the case here at least as the SIM can get text messages in another device, but none come through to the Peplink BR1 mini when viewing with the SIM tookit for some reason…
Is there any setting that has to be set to enable SMS through the SIM Toolkit on peplink devices?


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. This can be related to the SMS format store for the SIM card. Support team may need to check from the device in-order to confirm this.

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Hi, sorry to revive an old thread…

Some of our service providers are actually requesting an sms to be sent to them from the device when the dataplan day limit has been or is being reached.
It would be great if we could do the following:

  • send sms to a number from the admin interface
  • program the device to send an sms with a custom text to a pre-defined number when a certain rule has been tripped. In this case a certain amount of data has been used. But I can imagine more triggers.
    i.e. LTE coverage getting weak or latency getting too high.

Sending SMS is available if you are using device API. Please refer to the document below.

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