[API] Added support for Send SMS via API


Engineering team still consider the feasibility. Do you have more info to share for your project ?

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There is provider that has internet data limit.
When you reach the limit your pepwave is going offline because there isn’t internet connection
If you want more data you need to send a text message from the simcard you use.
That number is short code SMS number with 4digits

Are you referring to USSD code ?

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No not USSD.
This is sending of SMS text message


Engineering team is working on this. Please stay tuned for the good news :grinning::grinning:

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Hi Sitloongs,

in this Minute I get another Feature Request from one of our costumers for this.

Some providers send an SMS to their SIM card if the Data Plan Limit will be reached. Then the Router should answer with an SMS to buy new Data volume. Could this be possible?
E.g. In the settings, I’d like to say buy maximum 5 times each month. Then we could use the keywords from the receiving SMS.
It’s also okay to do that via IC2


@dennis.hofheinz, look like you need SMS short code which similar to @gok1 here. The engineering team is working on it.

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yes, and if possible with an automatic charge feature.

if the peplink router recieves an SMS from the provider e.g “Dear costumer you’ve reached your data limit” the I will send an sms automatically to the provider to extend the data plan… that would be nice


The special firmware to test sending SMS using short code is ready. I have PM you the special firmware download link. As for now SMS sending only can be triggered via the device level API.

For the automatic SMS sending request, would you able to share more info for that ? This sound dangerous for me if some bad guy can dummy that to send in some unwanted SMS :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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@gok1 and @dennis.hofheinz

After discussed with IC2 Engineering team, they will include the device level API accessible through IC2 API. With this, user can easily calling the device level API remotely via IC2 API.

Tentatively this is targeting at IC2 version 2.8.3 late Q3, 2019.


Hi Guys
I’m having issues with this. Using Insomnia (REST API client) I’m able to login to a device, create clients, create tokens, get WAN status etc but I’m unable to utilise the SMS sending command. I’m getting the following response;
“stat”: “fail”,
“code”: 404,
“message”: “Unsupported request”

Does this mean it not included in the firmware version I’m running?
I’m trying this on a MBX running 8.0.0s068 build 1290

Any help would be appreciated.

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From what I can see, this function is not supported under the firmware we are running.
We require the following two functions in the same firmware - remote SIM & SMS via API
Reason been is that we have Croatian SIMs in our SIM bank in Dublin which are remotely placed on a MBX in Croatia. The SIMs are 20Gb for €10. One that allowance is up, you must recharge online and then send a TXT from that number saying “WEEKLY” which gives us another 20Gb
This can’t be done from removing the SIMs and placing them in a mobile as the SIMs won’t work in Ireland without chewing through all the credit.

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On which device are you testing
I tested on balance 30 pro & balance max br1 and it works

We where testing using a HD4-MBX, Transit DUO and BR1 MK2


Would you able to open a ticket for this ?

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Hi Sit

I will have another crack at this in the next week.


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I keep getting a wrong address format when using “+84584874” while the “003388484848” gives me a “stat ok”. Was this format changed in 8.1.1 ? Docs still requires to use + format

@Venn, we didn’t make any changes. I did a quick test with Postman with B310X firmware 8.1.1. I was able to send SMS by using "+60xxxx’

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I get a wrong format with +32

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@Venn, can you help to open a ticket for us to take a look?


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