SMS Forwarding

Would it be possible forward TXT messages to another mobile device?
Also visibility and storage of TXTs in IC2 with the possibility of forwarding via email (immediately, daily, weekly or monthly email)
Would also be good to be able to respond to TXTs as this is sometimes needed to activate options.
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Possible to share us more info why the feature is required for the production network ?

Thank You

Some of the contracts our clients use txt messages to notify the user of their usage. It would be nice to have these messages forward onto someones mobile phone in near real time. On these contracts, you can also send a message requesting the data usage. (this could also be set up as a auto send text every day?)
We do find it a bit long winded to view txt messages at the moment, especially on the HD4s when you have a few devices to check, if it was all in IC2, it would be a lot quicker and cleaner.

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