What to do if a 'Device already belongs to another organization'

So you’ve just purchased a second-hand Peplink device and want to add it to your InControl organization so you can manage it. Upon doing so you’re met with the below message:

Why am I seeing this message?
Each device can only be added to one InControl organization. So it means it has been previously added and still exists in another InControl organization.

How do I add it to my own organization?
You will need to contact the seller or previous owner and request for them to remove the device from their InControl organization before you can add this device to your organization.

Can you remove the device from the existing organization for me?
Without the consent of the previous owner, we are unable to do this intrusively. Please contact the seller or the previous owner.


In the past we’ve been told there is another way to do this, i.e., to send a photograph of the ID label on the bottom of the device via a help ticket (to show physical possession.) This would be the only way to do it if the new owner does not know the former. Is this method no longer permissible?

Edit: @EW ??


Sorry, the method is no longer accepted.