Web Admin Access with IP Passthrough Active


I know I have read that access to the web admin is not possible via the internet with IP passthrough active unless using IC2. Is there a method of accessing the admin connecting directly to the BR1 on one of the LAN ports? Is there any other method than IC2?



You should able to manage the BR1 device (IP passthrough enable) from the LAN site.

Scenario 1:

IP Passthrough with Router connected to BR1 LAN

BR1 IP passthrough Cellular WAN

Router WAN IP

PC that connected to router able to manage BR1 by using IP address

Scenario 2:

PC direct connect to BR1 LAN interface

BR1 IP passthrough Cellular WAN

PC received DHCP IP from cellular network

**PC that direct connected to BR1 able to manage BR1 by using IP address
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Thanks for the reply, sitloongs.

I have an regular ISP connected to the WAN port of the BR1. The router is then connected to LAN port 1. ISP Pass Through is set for both the primary ISP and the cellular network. Looking at your examples, it appears they mostly relate to when the BR1 is operating via the cellular network. I have looked at connecting to the BR1 thru the router when the primary ISP is operating but I have not figured that out as I do not know what the IP address of the BR1 is during that stage. To do the other methods you are suggesting, it appears I need to disconnect the router to have my computer pickup the pass through IP which would shut down the LAN.

Am I missing a step or a critical detail in order for this to be successful?


Just to confirm , you have 2 WANs connected for the BR1 as below ?

Cellular WAN (Standby) –
… BR1 – LAN <----> DHCP WAN -Router – PC
Ethernet WAN (Active) –

If yes you still able to manage the BR1 using the BR1 LAN IP address (IP address configured for LAN interface) although Ethernet WAN is fail and router WAN IP is changed using cellular network assigned IP address.

Else if this is not the case, do share us the detail setup for the BR1 and we can further this again.

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Hi there,

Reviving this old thread.

I have a br1 mini connected to 4g. I have two issues:

  1. When the modem is in nat mode the router gets an ip but there is no internet connection.

  2. When the modem in in bridge mode (ip passthrough) my router is online but I ha e no access to the peplink modem. Trying the public IP

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

In my experience, IP Passthrough works great!
We generally use this mode with Pepwave BR1s connected to a Balance.
We have found that if we put an outbound rule on the balance of all traffic to (assuming you have left the default settings on the BR1) forced to that WAN, you can access the BR1 even though it has taken on the ISPs IP for forwarding to the Balance

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Hi GNO-2014!

Thanks for getting back to me.

We are using a Unifi USG Pro and i have set up a rule like you suggested:

Also tried it on LAN

No ping from router to modem.

Also tried a static route:

Ping from router to modem but no web interface on

More tips?

These are the same issue. Your USG is not routing (or is actively dropping) traffic to the address space. Put the BR1 back into NAT mode. Connect a Laptop to it, make sure you’ve got internet access. If you do, fix the USG config so that the BR1 in NAT mode works and you get internet access via the USG too.

Then once that’s working, change the BR1 to passthrough mode and you should then still be able to access the BR1’s web ui.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

In Nat mode I do get internet access from the USG. And webui on the standard ip.

When switching to ip passthrough I can ping the from the USG but not

I have both a static route en firewall rule on the USG pointing to

Do I need to add a rule in the USG or change a setting in de BR1?

I have several sites with similar setup and hardware. I am able to reach the BR1 on it’s LAN IP from my UniFi LAN regardless of IP Passthrough mode. The is directly connected to the USG and should not require a static route of any kind. I suspect your static route is causing problems and you should delete it. Also, you now indicate that your original problem has been resolved, as you can now ping, which was the reason for post? It sounds like you have network configuration errors unrelated to IP Passthrough.

Turn IP Passthrough off and 1st establish internet access and router access from the USG LAN. Once you have done this, enable IP Passthrough to obtain a public IP on the USG WAN and eliminate double NAT.