IP Passthrough Failover

hi sir, from your website mention the IP passthrough failover:
While using IP Passthrough, routers can now failover from a Ethernet WAN to a Cellular WAN, using public IP addresses throughout the whole process.

Does it mean let say I got 1 x internet link with fixed public IP (Ethernet WAN) and 1 x mobile broadband (cellular WAN -does not have any public IP, or some time when it connect to internet is running in private IP) ,

when the internet link with fixed IP is down, we still can access the peplink thru mobile broadband with the fixed public IP on ethernet WAN ?correct me if I am wrong. thanks.

Would you able to share the article that you read so that we are in the same page for the “IP passthrough failover” as mention ?

Below are some of the IP Pass-through scenario that you can have for the setup, hope it will help for your concern. Do let us know if you need more info.

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hi sit loongs, below is the link that I read thru peplink website on the enterprise features.


There are 2 public IP address as shown in the screenshot above.

DSL Public IP and LTE Public IP

In IP Pass-through mode, device behind Peplink will direct retrieve Public IP address from the service provider and in the event fail-over happen from DSL to LTE, device will obtain IP address from LTE network. This will allow fail-over from 2 different ISP and the device is using public IP addresses throughout the whole process.

Hope this explained your concern.

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In this case what is the different in between standard fail over with this IP pass thru?

For some enterprise network requirements, they need the device owing the LTE public address instead of using inbound NAT. IP Passthrough allow device direct obtain the IP from the service provider network that will full fill the requirement.

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