Peplink Balance 20 and Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2

I have a Peplink Balance 20 which, despite a booster and an external antenna, resulted in a unreliable internet backup with a Verizon USB dongle connected to the Peplink Balance 20. The USB device finally failed well past any hope of repairing under warranty. Instead of purchasing an new USB device from Verizon I decided to go with a Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 with a Verizon SIM. I hoped to get more insight into the cellular connectivity problems as well as better reliability.

So I have the two devices working but I am not sure if optimally. The Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 has my cable ISP and of course handles the Verizon in a fail-over configuration (Priority 1 and 2). I am a little concerned about what appears to me to be a double NAT situation. I see the option of IP forwarding, but I do not know which router if any this should apply to. The balance 20 is connected to the BR1 with a static IP in the range of its LAN network and DHCP is off.

So the questions:

Is this double NAT scenario anything to worry about?
If not Is there any configuration that would make it work better?


If you really concern about the double NATing, you can consider to deploy the MAX BR1 MK2 in IP Passthrough mode. B20 WAN that connected to the BR1 will obtain DHCP IP address from the cellular WAN.

Detail info, please refer to the forum post below:


Thanks. IP Passthrough on both WANs on the BR1 makes sense. I think this will also save me some trouble with port forwarding.