MAX BR1 Mini Bridge mode

We have a MAX BR1 Mini and need to set it up for bridge mode to connect a cisco asa 5506. Trying to find configuration settings?

Hi jsheffield55,
The bridge mode in the BR1 mini is on the details page of the WAN connection and is referred to as IP Passthrough. Simply click the check box, and the IP address from the WAN connection will be passed through to the client device. If you’re using the Cellulsr WAN connection, the IP Passthrough is listed under the General Setings heading:

If you’re using the Wired WAN connection, the IP Passthrough setting is listed under the WAN connection settings heading

The help icon next to the setting will give a few more details about IP Passthough.

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Much thanks
That is just too easy

How about passthrough on WiFi WAN?

The suggestion above did not work for me. My BR1 is configured with a Static IP, does that matter? What are the DHCP settings?

BR1 → Ubiquiti (ER-X)