Use Peplink’s Firewall Feature to Block YouTube

As of firmware 6.3 Peplink Routers can block traffic from specific applications. To begin navigate to Network > Firewall > Content Blocking (For MAX Devices: Advanced > Content Blocking).

Now add the following list of domains to the customized domains to block the the Youtube website + Youtube app:

Don’t forget to Save and Apply the changes and devices on your network won’t be able to view any YouTube content.
Note: Make sure you flush your dns settings between testing changes to avoid loading websites that have been cached already!

If you want to block entire categories of websites (e.g. media streaming, adverts), read about our list-based web-blocking feature.


Hi Alan

As your blocking list on above I try do follow with you on Balance One Core can not block so please advise How to block these website

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Does it still work with https?


We blocked based on URL. Hence, it will work with HTTPS.


How to block youtube app? I can only block clients using broswer, but when in smart phone apps they can still access youtube.

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You should able to block youtube (Browser + Apps) using the following settings:


What does QUIC mean?

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QUIC is the new protocols use by youtube. Detail information please refer to the URL below:

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There is a separate YouTube category in firewall > content blocking > application blocking introduced in firmware 8.0.1