Setting up a Layer 2 PepVPN Profile in Firmware 6.2 Onwards


Since Firmware 6.2, we have redesigned the Layer 2 PepVPN feature. It is now easier to use and more flexible, allowing it to fit into more use cases.

However, to achieve this, the new Layer 2 PepVPN feature is not compatible with existing Layer 2 PepVPN profiles created using firmware 6.1 or below. After upgrading to Firmware 6.2, all existing Layer 2 PepVPN profiles will become normal Layer 3 profiles. In order to reconfigure them back into Layer 2 profiles, please follow these steps:

Setting Up New PepVPN Profiles:

1) Setup a New Layer 2 PepVPN Profile:

Navigate to Network > SpeedFusion to create a new PepVPN profile. Save the new profile, but please do not press “Apply Changes” at the moment.

2) Enable Multiple VLAN:

If you have not already done so, navigate to Network > LAN and click on the help (?) icon on top right corner. Click the “here” link to activate VLAN.

3) Establish a New VLAN or Use Untagged LAN to Activate Layer 2 PepVPN:

Click on “New LAN” to establish a new VLAN. Alternately, you can make use of the Untagged LAN to activate Layer 2 PepVPN. To do so, click “Untagged LAN”

Setting Up Layer 2 PepVPN:

4) Enable Layer 2 PepVPN

In the LAN dialog window, click on the help (?) icon on top right corner, and click the “here” link to enable Layer 2 PepVPN settings.

5) Designate PepVPN profile to enable Layer 2 Bridging on:

A new table titled “Layer 2 PepVPN Bridging” will appear , select the PepVPN profile that you have created in step (3), and save the settings. For most branch-HQ topologies, only the HQ side should select “Do not override”.

6) Verify Layer 2 Connectivity and Save Changes:

Navigate to Network > SpeedFusion (or Network > PepVPN depending on your license). The two extra columns (Layer 2 and VLAN) indicate that the profile has become a Layer 2 profile. If you see these two columns, you can click “Apply Changes” on the top right corner to activate the settings. Please remember to configure the remote peers as well.

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