Is this possible

Good day,

I’m wondering how and or if this can be done.

Office: Peplink 580 (VPN Host)

On-site we have two different networks

Connect via Cellular back to office over VPN

Connect via Cellular back to office over VPN

Both Network 1 & Network 2 are running over the same SSID wifi, and both currently run there own DHCP even though most devices are static.

Question: If we wanted a static device on Network.2 with an IP address from Network.1 who can see all devices on Network.2 but would be routed to Network.1

Question.2 kinda related: Can one turn off DHCP on a remote Peplink and use DHCP over the VPN, ie, office Peplink hand out IP and routing?

Thanks in advance

I’ll answer Question 2 first.
Yes you can set up a layer 2 PepVPN that transparently extends a subnet/VLAN from one Peplink device to another remote site. The device at the remote site to all intents and purposes becomes a transparent remote switch attached to the core location. Setting up a Layer 2 PepVPN Profile in Firmware 6.2 Onwards

Question 1
The answer is yes - with a caveat. You could add a layer 2 VPN between site 1 and 2, linking a vlan on site 2 with the main subnet/vlan on site 1. Then you could have a device on site 2 with an IP address from site 1. That device would route all of its traffic out over VPN back to site 1 and out to the internet from site 1. The caveat is that if this device on site 2 connected over L2 VPN to site 1 wanted to route traffic to devices physically next to it on site 2, that traffic would be sent over the layer 2 VPN to site 1 and then back over the other layer 3 VPN tunnel to site2.

It might be worth explaining what the requirement is in more detail as there is likely a less complicated way to achieve what you need. What is the device on site 2 that needs an IP in site 1’s subnet?