PEPXIM SIM injector doesn't seem to save static IP address

I have a PEPXIM SIM injector paired with a MAX HD1 Dome and it seems to always revert to DHCP instead of a static IP address. The SIM injector model number is SIM-BK8-4E-56V, hardware version 2, and is running firmware v1.1.8.

I’ve tried configuring a static IP multiple times, and have power cycled, rebooted, and left the device - it prompts you to reboot the device to take effect. None seem to work.

Also, the PEPXIM logs me out very, very quickly - sometimes as short as a minute. Perhaps it is related if I can’t change things fast enough?

I’ve set a static DHCP reservation in the HD1 dome, but I really would prefer that static IP works as I’m an old school sysadmin and prefer it that way for things that should never change :slight_smile:

Is this a known issue, or is there a newer version of firmware (I couldn’t find it anywhere).


This is a bug for SIMInjector firmware 1.1.8. I’m confirming the SIMInjector firmware that you should use, i will get back to you shortly.


Experienceing some problems with injector here aswell, please keep me updated also! :slight_smile:

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This is the latest firmware for SIMInjector :heart:

Please upgrade the SIMInjector using the firmware and feel free to let us know if any issue found.


Upgrade complete. Rebooted, firmware upgrade confirmed.

Set static IP and rebooted, and it’s come back up with the correct static IP, yay!
I also see more details on the SIM pages which is great.
I also am not getting logged out quickly like I was before.

Thank you for your help!