Pepwave BR1 - Cellular Firmware Reinstall

I am suspecting that there is some persistence information on the cellular module that is not allowing me to get on the carrier (Sprint) with a new SIM Card. I even did a factory reset on the web admin tool, as well as the hard factory reset pin-button (3 times). Is there any way I can set the factor back to “New-in-box” condition?

My cellular firmware module is already current (via the support.cgi page). Is there a way for me to reinstall it from scratch, even though it is current?


I have already troubleshot this with Sprint: The device is not clearing the previous activation and grabbing the current activation credentials.

Please help to open ticket and attention to TK. We need to check on the device.


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Any update on this issue? I am seeing the exactly same behavior where it will not update/grab the current configuration settings.

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I now have multiple units stuck in “Obtaining IP Address” (Ticket #776986 created). I have tired to hit up the support.cgi page to try to reinstall/update the cellular modem, but I get “Please Try Again Later” message.

@jbradsby, I would suggest isolating the problem in advance. Please insert the SIM card into another cellular router to confirm it is working fine at the same location. If the SIM card is working fine, please ensure cellular antennas are connected to the Max router. Then open ticket for us to take a closer look.

@kenichiwa, I will handle your ticket and check from there.

Thank you.

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I believe something is constantly corrupting the modem firmware. I may have two devices in the field that is experiencing this.

More observation: This particular one instance, the Cell Details states “No Device Detected” even though the it shows SIM cards detected on the Event Log. This is all I see now in the Cell Wan Connection details, it does not contain ANY of the usual cellular information.



I have a significant need to understand how to do modem FW reinstall on our own. The time differences with Peplink Engineering, and coupled with devices that are already deployed in the field. Coordination/logistics is a nightmare. Please help!

Thanks TK in advance for your support.

@kenichiwa, please help open ticket. I understand your pain. Certain recovery can be done by tech support. We do have US support team to cover your timezone.

Cellular firmware recovery is not straightforward. In fact, not every of your cases is related to the cellular module. Below are the steps I provided in the ticket which allow you to do the problem isolation.

  1. Ensure the SIM card is tested and working fine with another cellular router at the same location. If it is not a new SIM card, make sure it has been tested with at least 2 cellular routers besides the original router.

  2. Ensure the cellular antennas are connected to router properly.

  3. Ensure you get good signal strength, signal quality.

  4. Ensure you have the APN details if you have custom APN.

  5. Ensure you have the latest router firmware.

  6. Ensure you have the latest cellular firmware. You have done this in this ticket via support.cgi page - http://<LAN IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

  7. Report to Peplink if step 1-6 doesn’t help.


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Just now, I have another unit in the field that seems to exhibit the same “corrupt modem” behavior. Did something change in the firmware version 7.x.x? I have been seeing this failure more and more frequently and this requires me to bring the unit back in house and provide internet for Peplink team remote access.

Is there a way that factory resets and FW upgrades/reloads that can fix the modem driver?

@kenichiwa, have you go through the provided steps below? If so, please provide the result and open ticket for us to check.


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Thanks TK. I have validated those steps.

Ticket #778651 has been submitted.