:1pl: Peplink Community User Guidelines

Welcome to the Peplink Community! :wave:t3:

Our forum aims to foster meaningful discussions and establish a supportive environment for all Peplink users. Feel free to share your questions about our products, your deployments, and your networking expertise, or simply connect with other enthusiasts.

To help you get the most out of this forum, we have put together some guidelines and useful materials:

1. Getting Started

:lock: Login with Peplink ID

  • If you already have a Peplink ID but are new to our forum, an account will be automatically created when you use your Peplink ID to log in.

  • Create a Peplink ID if you donโ€™t have one! This ID allows you to access all the Peplink platforms, including InControl2, the Ticketing System, SFC Portal, Customer Portal, and more.

:people_holding_hands:t3: Introduce yourself to the community here

  • Let the community know a bit more about you. Let us know what youโ€™re hoping to contribute or learn from our forum.

2. Peplink Directory

:bulb:Product Knowledge

:hammer_and_wrench: Support

3. Forum User Guideline

Learn how to use our forum effectively and efficiently:

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to ask in Site Feedback