Enable notifications

Start exploring our forum with these introductory tips:

:bell: System Notifications

Click on your avatar to access all your notifications. Unread notifications will be highlighted in yellow and appear at the top of the list. Use the buttons on the right to filter notifications by type to dismiss them if necessary.

  • Notification All notifications

  • Reply Topic - Mentions, new replies in watched topics, new topics in watched categories/tags

  • Like icon Like - New likes received in your topics/replies

  • Message Message - New messages from the admin or personal messages from other community members

  • More icon Others - Badge, watched topic is edited, etc.

You can choose to stop receiving notifications or set a schedule for receiving them on the “Preferences > Notifications” page.

:email: Email Notifications

You can choose to receive the below email notifications to stay up to date:

  • Personal messages

  • Topic activities (Quote, mentions, new replies)

  • New topics in watched categories and tags

Stay informed on the active topics in our forum by enabling emails for Activity Summary on the “Preferences > Emails” page.

Other Forum User Guidelines