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:bulb: Browsing new topics

The landing page lists topics by the most recent activity by default, but you can filter the list in other ways:

  • Unread
    New topics and replies will appear in this section if you’ve set the topic or the category to [Tracking] or [Watching]. A yellow circle will be shown next to each topic indicating the no. of unread replies.

  • Top
    Topics are listed based on the most active (views and replies) topics within a specific period. You filter the list by all time, quarter, month, week, or today.

  • Categories
    View all categories and the latest topics within each main category.

  • Last visit
    A red line on the landing page indicates all new activity since your last visit to the forum

:mag: Searching specific topics

  • Use Categories, Sub-categories, and Tags to refine search criteria.
    Search topics

  • Click on Table Headers in the topic list to sort topics by highest replies, highest views, and latest activity.

  • Use the search function to find existing topics.
    Search Bar

:star2: Favorite Categories

Click on the edit button to add quick links for your favorite categories

:keyboard: Keyboard Shortcuts

Find all the keyboard shortcuts of this forum at the bottom of the left menu:

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