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Hello Peplink Community! Welcome to our new home.

My name is Martin, I’m the CTO at Venn Telecom - a long term Peplink partner / reseller and enabler, and now also an official Starlink reseller.

I like to spend time on here helping others do incredible things with Peplink technologies and am always interested in and keen to help on anything difficult, weird or at large scale. Unmanned surface vessels and teleoperated vehicles (urban and agricultural) are my favourite things right now.

Inbox is always open. You’ll find me in the replies… Happy topic posting!

Oh, and here is an old post that explains my history here.


How exciting to be here in the Peplink Community Forum! This is an awesome community resource for learning and connecting with global experts (such as myself), @PeterWest, and @MartinLangmaid, with whom we are honoured to share this space (and with the many other amazing contributors to the Peplink Community Forum).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Love the new forum software! Dark mode is so much better on my eyes. I’m a retired IT Infrastructure expert. I used to run infrastructure at 789 locations in 79 countries all over the world. Retired now and use peplink products for reliable connectivity. I browse this forum daily to stay up on all the latest and greatest and help out whenever the question is an easy one … lol … I leave the hard questions for those reseller folks here :slight_smile:


My name is Luke Morgan. I’m a techno geek with 30+ years in paid IT space concurrent with 20+ years in DoD, Gov, Fed contracting. I’m handy with a soldering iron, planning and wiring of RF and low voltage, exotic adhesives, VMware, MS AD, Linux/Unix/Kali, Wi-Fi, and have a few years experience with Cradlepoint but I’m now a Peplink superfan. I partner with Peplink resellers to assist them with field site surveys, techno whatevers, etc.

I love training and whiteboarding and teaching.
This forum is a great learning opportunity as every week I can take away something new.



Hello all, Jonathan here.
I’ve been a peplink partner for 9 years, and supported technology my whole life.
We are an Authorized Starlink and Peplink solutions provider and Peplink reseller, we enjoy helping folks use technology to make their lives easier.
We have a couple of brands 1Simplephone supports our hosted phone with cellular backup business.
1SimpleConnect started this year now focuses on being a managed ISP, leveraging peplink in front of or in place of other pc routers, or to the side of a pc router to solve connectivity challenges.
We use various peplink models and leverage any wans we have access to.
We have integrated Peplink devices in synergy mode, peplink internal cellular modems, FWA routers from cellular carriers, Starlink, coax, fiber, microwave, MPLS, wifi links.
My profile has a few other project that we completed that I’m proud of Profile - Jonathan_Pitts - Peplink Community this includes a starlink on a tesla and automated deployment of 100’s of peplink minis.
We are located in Dallas,tx but support folks all over the globe.
PM or e-mail me [email protected] if we can help you in anyway.


Hello from a SOHO user! Glad the new community transition has gone so well. I retired from IT years ago, but still like to keep our home network secure using Peplink devices. I hope Peplink will continue to develop products aimed at the tech-savvy SOHO market. The new Peplink B-One looks great - for a very reasonable price! Just hoping for a similarly-priced switch. Thank you, Peplink for making terrific products.