This Months Community Spotlight!

Welcome to our Community Spotlight nomination!

It’s time to give some recognition and love to @MartinLangmaid. Martin joined our community back in 2012 and has since created 3.4k posts and received 4.6k image.png. Something we love to see! Have a question? You’re sure to see Martin welcome them with open arms. He’s even been granted an award for visiting the site 100 days consecutively! Now that’s passion!

Get to know Martin’s story below!

Tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Martin Langmaid, I’m a Peplink partner, Solution Design Specialist, consultant and trainer based in the UK.

Theatre, Yachts and Network Support

My first job was as an apprentice electrician, lighting and sound designer for theatre and live shows. Then I retrained as a yacht skipper and bummed around on big sail boats for a couple of years and then I came back to the UK and got a job as an IT helpdesk engineer at British Telecom supporting the emergency services phone systems and networks. This was the start of my love affair with complex network environments which led me into the world of educational IT support and networks.

Educational Networks

I was deputy network manager for a large school which saw 250+ PCs logging on and off every 40mins supporting the educational needs of 2500 students and teachers. There were two of us in that environment and we did full service IT - installing electrical and data cabling into each computer lab as well as hand building and installing each computer, server, printer, scanner and connected device across the entire campus to keep costs as low as possible.

Enterprise Networks

Next I got a job as server and network architect at a social enterprise that specialised in providing training and resources to help disabled people get back into work. I grew the network from 4 physical servers and 50 users across 3 sites to fully virtual infrastructure supporting 350 users across nearly 40 locations in the UK - and did it with a team of 4 staff. This was when I first discovered and used Peplink technologies in production.

Why did you choose Peplink?

Transformative, Agile, Cost effective Connectivity

Back then (2010) I needed a solution that would let me take the expensive private MPLS circuits I had (2/4/10Mb fiber) and combine them with low cost public internet links (15Mbps DSL typically) to improve user experience and support rapid expansion. We were adding 2-3 new locations every couple of weeks with often less than two weeks notice of the new office addresses.

I knew this was something different the moment I logged into the web ui of my first ever Peplink device (a Balance 380), and when I configured the initial SpeedFusion VPN with a few clicks and it worked I was certain that this was the future.

  • It was easy to use - which meant first line guys could support it.

  • Increased reliability by combining connectivity from multiple providers

  • made us more agile (site deployed in days not weeks)

  • Paid for itself in the first year of outsourced managed network cost savings.

A Peplink Professional

In fact - I liked it so much I kept on pestering Peplink to open a UK office - eventually they did and I worked for them for 5 years then I left to start Slingshot6 to focus on doing really interesting, challenging things with Peplink products. That was 5 years ago. I am now focusing on pure solution design and consultative work with autonomous / teleoperated vehicles and vessels of particular interest.

Number of devices you’ve deployed?

The largest deployments have been 1000+ unit installs but honestly they are not my favourites. I like the smaller, harder, innovative projects that potentially enable the transformation of entire industries. Most of my work recently has been in industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles and remote teleoperation of vehicles.

Favourite Peplink solution/device? And one you wish exist (be creative).

At a push I would say either the UBR or the MAX Transit Duo (CAT12) on PrimeCare. Both are powerful cost effective combinations of redundant features in small packages. Closely followed by the Balance 20X due to its throughput, cost effectiveness and upgradability.

I am a champion of Fusionhub too - love its versatility. I wish there was a full multi-wan virtual balance appliance as well as a SpeedFusion VPN Bonding Software Client for Android / IOS.

Any words of wisdom for Peplink users?

Passionate Peplink People

Use the forum - the Peplink community is one of the best in the world, with an extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience. There is very little ego here (which is rare) - just engineers trying to help other engineers.

Being in control is everything

If you manage lots of devices live and breathe InControl - it gives you remote support super powers and is a force multiplier when it comes to the support staff / supported device ratio.


Thanks Martin. We’re grateful to have you as part of our Community! Lets see whose up next!


Hello Martin,

I came along your respons on this forum message :

Battery powered/backup units
My favourite Peplink party trick is to power a BR1 Pro 5G using USB C Power Delivery from any battery that supports it via an adapter cable to 2.1mm dc barrel. Then 2.1mm Barrel to 2x2 4 pin connector.


Do you know is any Molex 2x2 4 pin connector to USB C cable are available? Or perhaps a diagram /ping layout how to make these type of conversion cables?

Our use case (working in the Netherlands) is to have a Peplink installed in a forklift truck that currently has not have a power outlet so we want to use a powerbank.

Thank you.