Introducing the OpenVPN WAN License!

Peplink is officially releasing a solution that would enable the integration of our devices with OpenVPN clients. By creating a virtual WAN that supports OpenVPN client mode, you will now be able to securely connect to any device with OpenVPN.

Our OpenVPN client mode will be officially supported in the 8.1.1 firmware build and the license key will only cost a 1-time payment of $19.99!

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What is OpenVPN client mode?

OpenVPN client mode is our solution to get you connected to other devices using OpenVPN. By purchasing our OpenVPN client mode licence, an OpenVPN compatible virtual WAN will be created for you to connect to any other device using OpenVPN.

OpenVPN WAN is a standalone “WAN” which will appear in both your router and your InControl2 dashboards. You will be able to configure the priority of the physical WANs to connect to the OpenVPN server (similar to IPsec’s “WAN Connection Priority”). You can also customize OpenVPN’s outbound policy, firewall, etc.

Which models will support OpenVPN client mode?

All Peplink or Pepwave router models will support OpenVPN client mode.

Can I use SpeedFusion technology with OpenVPN?

Yes, you will be able to use SpeedFusion technology concurrently with OpenVPN once you update to firmware version 8.1.1. However, if you want true hot-failover and bandwidth bonding the only solution is SpeedFusion.

Where can I get the firmware 8.1.1?

Firmware version 8.1.1 has not been released yet, but we are working very hard to get it to you as soon as possible. In fact, we are just doing some final adjustments and will be releasing firmware version 8.1.1 soon, but until then, you can go here to download the special build firmware to begin using OpenVPN client mode.

How do I set up and use OpenVPN?

You can find a detailed guide here on how to get OpenVPN enabled on your Peplink devices.


This is great news. Can someone at Peplink confirm whether license speed limits also apply to OpenVPN connections? For example, I’ve got a Surf Soho that is limited to 20 Mbps encrypted / 40 Mbps unencrypted, and would be keen to know whether OpenVPN connections are similarly limited. Thank you!

Hi @carjr159. The throughput figures you cite are not “hard” limits, so far as I know, but rather an “expected number” based on hardware limitations and expected use of the device. No limits are set in the firmware. (I’ll invite a correction from others if warranted.)

Now, if your question is “what throughput should I expect with OpenVPN?”, that’s a bit different. This feature is new with FW 8.1.0 and maybe we all need more information regarding this.

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can i use this alongside current peplink to peplink hardware vpn?

Hi guys. this is great, thank you. I immediately tried it with my NordVPN account that supports OpenVPN. However, I’m getting “Uplink not ready” as a status message on the VPN connection. Any ideas as to what that might mean and how I can address it?
Many thanks

Actually I just found out why. In the physical connection properties, the VPN defaults to uplink via WAN, which in my case is not enabled. I changed it to the cellular connection and it works.
Many thanks!


Alongside PepVPN? Certainly.


I’m trying to use this feature to allow out of band management to devices attached the peplink device.

Is this possible with OpenVPN WAN? IE can the OpenVPN WAN be part of the LAN network so I can access other devices on the connected OpenVPN peplink?

Currently seems like the only solution is to enable remote access into the Peplink device, so essentially two VPN’s

I don’t know that it’s a license issue per se, but perhaps more of a hardware issue. I just completed some preliminary testing and I get a consistent 10-12 Mbps down and up with OpenVPN enabled, and about 50 Mbps down and 70 Mbps up with it disabled. Using

Hi abautista, you meant access LAN devices from OpenVPN WAN’s remote network? This is not really supported unless you setup your own OpenVPN server and use port forwarding to forward OpenVPN WAN traffic to LAN devices.

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can you do a OBP with the ip range and use wan openvpn?

Does it support an OpenVPN flavor like OpenVPN-NL?

which Peplink device?

Are you expecting the same throughput with it enabled? Really?

No. I just stated the performance I observed. Really. RTFM.

I wonder how this compares to L2TP.

Device is Soho MK3

What else did you do to get the “Uplink not ready” to pass? I have a similar issue at the moment, I’ve tried with NordVPN and Windscribe, both with UDP or TCP and Cellular and Wi-Fi WAN.

I’ve noticed that the port is stuck on 1194. I know the OpenVPN file has a different port because I can manually set which port I want to use before creating the file on WindScribe. Ideas anyone?

OpenVPN can use 1194 or 1195 per my discussion with ExpressVPN Tech Support.