How to set up dual-band failover for Wi-Fi as WAN


  • Max Hotspot, Surf SOHO MK3
  • Running Firmware 7

What is it?
On select devices with dual radios, 2x Wi-Fi as WAN connections can be defined, each on a different frequency i.e. one on 2.4Ghz and one on 5Ghz. These could be set up as dual-band failover connections.

If you’re looking to setup simultaneous Wi-Fi as WAN and Wi-Fi AP, go here.
If you’re looking to set up simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi WAN, then please see: How to set up simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi as WAN?

You are in a RV. The campground you’re parked at broadcasts “Campground WiFi 2.4Ghz” and “Campground WiFi 5Ghz”. You use the “Campground WiFi 2.4Ghz” as the primary WAN source on the 2.4GHz frequency and then use the second “Campground WiFi 5Ghz” Wi-Fi SSID from the campground as the secondary WAN source on the 5GHz frequency, as a failover.

**How to set up?**

From the Dashboard tab, in WAN Connection Status, you’ll see Wi-Fi WAN and Wi-Fi WAN on 5 GHz.

Click Details, enter a WAN Connection Name or leave as is, then Save and Apply at the bottom.

Back in the WAN Connection Status tab, drag and drop the newly named Wi-Fi WAN connection into Priority 1.

Click Wireless Networks and choose the available Wi-Fi you wish to connect to as WAN, then enter the password.

You have just created one Wi-Fi WAN Connection on 2.4Ghz.

To create a second Wi-Fi WAN on the 5GHz frequency for failover, repeat the steps above for “Wi-Fi WAN on 5GHz” and be sure to drag this connection into the next available connection priority i.e. Priority 2.

The resulting setup:

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Why would one configure it as failover rather then configure them as Simultaneous?

Easy. The SOHO is designed to fail-over from one WAN to another – and it does this excellently. However, it is not capable of doing what the Balance series can do – optimize multiple WANs simultaneously. If you need to do the latter you probably want a Balance or MAX series device.

Do you find you can use two or more WANs simultaneously with your SOHO?

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