FusionHub KVM version

Ok, Just to emphasize the fact that it was NOT easy for us to find a VMWare hosting company to try FusionHub, is there a ISO or KVM compatible FusionHub installation file? this would greatly help us move to some affordable companies like Vult, DigitalOcean and the likes.

If that not possible, can anyone point out any company hosting offering FusionHub instances?

If you have Amazon Web Services account, we can share FusionHub image to your account. You can find instructions from user manual.

You can refer to this thread about successful deployment of FusionHub on ElasticHosts:

You need to use this file (unzip it and you can find a RAW file) with ElasticHosts.

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At Slingshot6 we offer a full Installation and hosting service for our customers here in the UK. You don’t say where you are geographically but feel free to PM me I’m sure I can help.

Fusionhub on non vmware hosting providers works great. I made a tutorial back in June 2015 showing how to convert the installation media to raw format to support more cost effective hosting providers. You can see that on my blog here:


Thanks Kenny, this really helped us! I noticed it’s a RAW file, is there a way to convert it to ISO? Also, i noticed the version is 6.2.2 while the current is 6.3.2, is it easy to upgrade once instance installed and running?

FusionHub image does not support ISO format.
You can upgrade to latest version after setting up the FusionHub.

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Oh Martin, I wasn’t expecting you to reply here :). Just to let you know, you are one of the MAIN reasons we took the decision to invest in a Balance 380 after living at your blog for hours. We already have a 7 days trial at Stratogen and it WORKS GREAT! the bandwidth upgrade is really amazing compared to other solutions we tried before, the simplicity, the robustness, the stress tests, shall i continue? :slight_smile:

We are located in Kuwait, we are testing this kind of solution for our future customers demanding stable and beefy yet affordable internet connectivity. Our latency averaged at 170ms reaching Stratogen and the VPN bonding using 4G modems really blew us galaxies away!.

Once again, our hats tipped for you and what you did for this community, thanks a lot Martin. :smile: