Confused about where to host FusionHub? I recommend ElasticHosts

Hi all

Just in case anyone is looking for a way to get FusionHub working, I wanted to post my experiences over the past couple of weeks.

I have tried StratoGen, AWS and ElasticHosts, but only managed to get FusionHub working successfully with ElasticHosts.

The team at StratoGen were very friendly and helpful, but I couldn’t get it to work. Also, the least expensive cloud offering they had was going to cost around $150 per month.

I don’t know what to say about AWS. Do they all spend hours trying to complicate things to the point where they are simply unusable for the average person? It certainly seems that way to me, and, although I got FusionHub installed eventually (over the period of 2 days), it didn’t “do” anything, and I got no joy there. And as for getting support? Forget it. AWS may be a good fit for you if you work in IT, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know.

What a different story! Albeit with of help from @MartinLangmaid, this service works! I have 4 x 13/1 Mbps connections, and have seen speeds of up to 40 Mbps when testing on, and the speed tests from SpeedFusion also show a marked improvement on 13/1 Mbps!

The support staff have been wonderful in helping me to get things set up properly, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

I have a 1GB SSD, 1Ghz CPU, 1 x Static IP (1GB HD for backup) package which costs USD 34 per month.

(Disclaimer: I must admit that the speeds I get are quite varied, but I really do put this down to the connections I get from my ISP here in Thailand not being reliable.)

ElasticHosts offer a 5 day trial, and, if you’re looking for somewhere to host FusionHub, I recommend you try them!

Finally, I wanted to thank @MartinLangmaid publicly for all his help. He has been absolutely amazing, on one occasion working with me up until 01.30 his time, and continuing to support me all the way through to success on ElasticHosts. He really is a credit to Peplink. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :slight_smile:


We operate on AWS.
Have found it to be good but it does lack the ‘personal touch’
Used Elastic hosts during the testing phase, it was good, even got called if they noticed something wrong!
Recently been talking to StratoGen. Will evaluate their service in the new year.

Good luck finding a service you feel happy settling with, and please do report back with your experiences! Thanks in advance.

So are you happy with Peplink now Edward and has it cured your video conferencing issues?

Thank you for asking, @Rexymav!

The short answer is “Yes” and “Yes”. I’ve posted a longer one in the “Thanks” forum. :slight_smile:

Can anyone please share or send that raw file image already converted from VMDK or send a link or something. Thanks!

Hi, you can get the raw file here. It is in zip format, you need to unzip it before use.

Thanks so much, works very well.

Any special price for an old customer if I wanted to purchase FusionHub Essential License?

Tim feedback this in the ticket. Believe you got the pricing.

Thank you.

It’s working well. I can see the full license already. Thanks so much once again!