Help needed - laymans terms please!

So I have just purchased a Max HD2 on recommendation of someone.

My company travels around and delivers training in venues such as hotels, conference centres etc and so far have relied on a very simple 4G Router with a single SIM card to give us internet access if the hotel/conference centre isn’t good enough.

All the setup guides are very technical (naturally) but I am struggling to get SpeedFusion set up on my HD2. I have popped in 2x SIM Cards and I can see in the Dashboard on Web Admin, that WAN connection and the 2x SIM Cards have connection. If I remove my WAN cable the SIM Cards kick in.

But I was told I needed SpeedFusion to bond these all together rather than the SIM cards only kicking in if the WAN cable drops etc. I have a licence key (which I cannot see for the life of me where to enter) and I was told (by the reseller who sold me this) that if I need any help to ask on the forums. The setup instructions are a bit over my head.

To be clear, I have 1x HD2 and was told that either I have something in my Head Office to manage SpeedFusion, or I can “spin it all up in Amazon Web Services”, and manage it remotely.

Just wondered how on earth I can get SpeedFusion set up with the setup I have?

Any help will be much appreciated - in laymans terms though please!

Hi @Ben_Ritmeyer, welcome to Peplink.

You will need a second device in order to create a PepVPN / SpeedFusion tunnel. As you mentioned, this other device could be a physical device hosted in your own office / DataCentre or a virtual appliance called a FusionHub. The FusionHub can be host remotely (Amazon, as you mention) or on a Virtual server in your own DataCentre.

The second device will need a public (ideally static) IP address, in order to create the tunnel from your HD2.

The simplest way (but doesn’t allow as many “tweaks”), is to use InControl * (Signup Here) - with the 2 devices added to the same group you can create a tunnel. Both devices will need to have different network (LAN) addresses.

Here is a video to explain how to setup a PepVPN / SpeedFusion tunnel using InControl : Here

There is also a post on the forum which explains how to configure the tunnel manually, which will enable fine-tuning, as you become more familiar with the range of Peplink / Pepwave products, Here is a > Link <

As you resller mentioned, the forum is a great place to look for answers and ask questions, your reseller may also be able to help too - we are a community and we like to share best practices but also help each other.

  • InControl is a free cloud based management solution for your Peplink / Pepwave products - providing they are within warranty or (for some models) have a valid InControl subscription.

Once again, welcome to Peplink.


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Do you or anyone reading this know roughly how much Amazon would charge to host this. I know nothing about this side of things. We have a very basic IT department so am kinda on my own about this.


You could try this
> Link < - others may be able to help and I’m also aware that some resellers / partners offer FusionHub as a service too, if that would help. I’m sure they’ll reach out to you, if this is of interest.



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Hello @Ben_Ritmeyer,
Where in the world are you?
If you do not have extensive IT knowledge and are short on people power to run your IT services, you may find it best to engage with a certified Peplink Engineer from one of Peplinks officially listed partners, all Peplink Partners have a Certified Peplink Engineer on the team and these partners will by the nature of there business will have a variety of experiences and services they can help you with.
A good Peplink Engineer will be able to help you roll out your PepVPN/SpeedFusion and empower you with ownership and management of the solutions.
You can find Certified Peplink Partners here on the Peplink website (select the region you are located in to find your local partner).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


The cost on AWS for a t2.small instance is around US$18 per month plus bandwidth used which is US$0.09 per Gb. Please note that these prices do change depending on which Amazon region you use.
We run our instances on larger machine (t2.medium or t2.xlarge) as we have more clients on the FusionHub
If you want to test out FusionHub, we are more than happy to help you set one up on Amazon (you can get a one month free evaluation licence from Peplink and the first year of AWS is free is you stay within the "free tier limits)

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Trying to work through getting Amazon Web Services

Does anyone know if I can connect to a wifi network that has a captive portal through the WAN connection. Many of the locations I travel around to are hotels that have captive portals. Currently it looks like you cant connect to these. Any work arounds?

If you’re using a Pepwave for wifi as WAN you will not be able to connect to a wifi network that uses Captive Portal.

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