FusionHub on KVM at VULTR Host - Mission Success!


First of all, i would like to thank Support team and especially Martin Langmaid for their devoted help to this community. We have managed to install a FusionHub instance at VULTR.com for $5 a month instance. Now the details:-

  1. Get the RAW image from here http://download.peplink.com/firmware/fusionhub/fw-fusionhub-6.2.2-build1370-raw.zip and more details from this post:
    FusionHub KVM version

  2. When you go into your VULTR control panel don’t try to upload the image as ISO, instead just add it as a SNAPSHOT.

  3. Go ahead and create your FusionHub instance and configure it as normal.

Note: You can upgarde FusionHub instance to latest 6.3.2 from control panel without any problems.