Firmware 8.4.1 Beta 3

We are pleased to announce that Firmware 8.4.1 Beta 3 is now available

Download the Firmware

Download the Release Notes

Router API Documentation

SMS Control Command Reference

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AP > Wireless Client

Can you please make it so the columns are resizable and can be extended to show more of the Name / Mac Address? I constantly have issues finding devices because the name prepends the MAC and cuts off the MAC.

Thank you.

AP > Access Point > AP Details for a particular AP

You can set certain settings to Follow AP Profile or be Custom

Under Client Signal Strength Threshold you can only edit the number fields. It is missing the Disconnect client checkbox for each 2.4 and 5ghz.

Can you please add it?

Thank you

Will the issue with firewall rules not working, when one uses a Domain name as destination (see Ticket # 22020749) be resolved in 8.4.1 firmware revision?

Did everyone see this??

That’s a Christmas present for sure! I appreciate ya’ll bring this starlink integration to additional models!

Update: Tested and working on a client’s 20x!


that is awesome, thank you peplink

also, any of these on the roadmap?

Saw it, jumped around in cheer and excitement… and then tested it :smiley:

Very happy with this!!!

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@Chris, I’m checking this ticket and I will update shortly.


should the usage show for APs? i notice my router shows the usage in mbps but the APs all say 0 bps in incontrol?

The message, “RemoteSIM component is incompatible to the firmware, please contact distributor for support.” is back in beta 03. Installing the same firmware over top does not make it go away…

Can you try to downgrade and then upgrade again?

Rebooting to beta 2, it was gone. Putting b2 over top of beta 3, it was still gone, upgrading to b3 again it’s back, upgrading to b3 a 2nd time, it’s still back.

I would open a support ticket, they can likely upgrade the missing components.

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Does beta 3 include the stability fixs in 8.4.0s071 / 8.4.0 b5766 and/or 8.4.0s083 / 8.4.0 b5778?

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can peplink please answer my queries? thank you