WiFi as WAN health failure, switch to a different SSID

I may have previously requested this but would be great to have a feature where if the health check fails on WiFi as WAN, the device will try the next best WiFi network/SSID (i.e. next saved network/SSID in the list that has the next best signal).

The issue is the signal could remain excellent with the access point the Peplink is connecting to for WiFi as WAN but internet connectivity / link could be down on the back-end, thus WiFi remains connected to that SSID but health check fails and brings down that interface. If it tried another network/SSID that is within parameter, it could possibly bring the interface back up if there is internet connectivity available on the next SSID/network after passing health check.

The next question then is when does it potentially return to the original network / stronger signal SSID? Open to thoughts on that. I dont know the capabilities of the device if it can somehow check internet connectivity / health while connected to a different SSID? If it can’t, perhaps a user setting that allows the Peplink device at a user determined interval to switch back to the SSID to check it and if it fails again it returns to the next best SSID? Maybe in 5 minute intervals from 5 minutes up to trying every hour or two?


Anyone figure out a work around for this? I’ve encountered many dead APs that have excellent signal, allow connection, but the back-end link to internet does not work. Instead of getting stuck in a health check failure, it would be great to get the Peplink to connect to a different SSID or BSSID under the same SSID.

I would like to see this as well.

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@Travis can this please be considered to add to the roadmap? thank you


@TK_Liew is this on the roadmap? i keep having issues with wifi wan staying on a more distant AP that either fails health check or signal threshold. if this feature existed, it would automatically switch for another BSSID under same SSID or another SSID altogether… thank you

good example in this screenshot, there were multiple other access points with the same ssid and different ssid available that would’ve worked


+1 from here as well.

Ideally a priority based SSID
Fall to next SSID if failing

However, this might result in a high CPU usage and potentially slow the device down.
Perhaps only 2-3 SSIDs can be setup and if all fails it stops to then avoid issues.
Could also solve other issues where it keeps chasing failing or poor connectivity networks.

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This is one area Cradlepoint has done better. Their connection manager UI is a tree instead of a flat list, under each physical WAN connection is the virtual connections which can be prioritized. So under WiFi wan the expanded tree has all the saved networks which can be re arranged and failover settings set.

It also does multiple sims under the cell modems and vlans on the ethernet ports the same way. They also give more control such as being able set the scan interval on WiFi wan when looking for wifi networks so as to able to control how often the lan wifi get interrupted when its scanning for wan.