Feature request: QoS bandwidth limits by WAN

Would be great to have more granular control and set bandwidth rules by WAN.

For example, limit to a certain mbps on cellular but allow unlimited bandwidth on WiFi as WAN

Use case: high bandwidth devices (such as streaming/TVs), can use higher/unlimited bandwidth while connected to WiFi as WAN but don’t want them eating a ton of mbps when no WiFi as WAN is available and connection is Cellular.

Thank you for consideration


This would be great! Also, being able to use “grouped networks” for qos profiles! And more profiles!

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bump! this is an important one !!!

@Travis please consider this for roadmap! thank you

I agree this is a must have feature when you are dealing with multiple WANs in which the cellular WAN is metered. The current traffic shaping feature of Peplink products is not granular enough.

Not sure why this isnt part of the standard firmware by now. You can easily do this on pfsense for example.

@TK_Liew any idea if this is on the roadmap? thank you!!

Interestingly, Mitigate Bufferbloat (fq_codel) limits the upload bandwidth for a WAN. And the hope is that Mitigate Bufferbloat will have a fix for limiting the download bandwidth in version 9 (the implementation of fq_codel was found to eat up too much CPU in Mitigate Bufferbloat beta testing, so it was pulled from out to be fixed in a future version).

I agree- the QoS rules are not flexible enough.


+1 from here

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