MAC address cloning for WiFi WAN/LAN

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As of right now it appears one can change the MAC address of wired interfaces, and the last digit “0” is fixed.

This feature request is to add the ability to change the MAC address of both wired AND wireless interfaces (when WiFi is being used as WAN and/or LAN) and allow it to be changed in its entirety without a fixed digit inserted. One should be able to change both a wired and wireless MAC address independently without having one change impact another interface/radio.

Possible use cases are as follow:
a) MAC address already hard coded for access or authenticated
b) To help those that need to authenticate on a web page (others have said in other threads that they are doing a ‘reverse clone’ i.e. cloning their computer MAC to their Peplink MAC, authenticating, then reverting their computer MAC and turning on the Peplink - usually its done the other way around)
c) Most other devices made by other manufacturers or running other OS/firmware already have this ability

Thank you for consideration


any updates on this feature? i actually desperately need it right now. @TK_Liew thank you!!!

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Hi Username: Mystery & Peplink.
I too need the ability to clone my iPhone’s MAC address for my WiFi-WAN. My WiFi provider restricts access my iPhone’s registered MAC address and I cannot now connect my Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 to their WiFi-only network.

 It’s been two years since this request was made. Can someone from Peplink SW development respond if you have any intention of adding this capability to your product? Do you know of a work around? 
— Kindly, CaptMahty

No response from Peplink after 6 months. Really no fix or work-around or even response after this feature / capability was requested as far back as 2017 in other posts in this forum. It does not appear that Peplink is paying anyone to read or answer posts in this forum. Anyone know of another manufacturer of WiFi as WAN routers that allows MAC cloning?

Would be great to see this implemented… shouldn’t be too difficult… Thanks!

Hello Everyone,
I understand the requests here and that some may see MAC Address cloning as a useful feature.

Though in the larger picture, MAC Address cloning is best in our view to not be offered by Peplink except with HA paired devices, offering Peplink Devices with MAC address cloning is inviting a whole amount of security integrity issues into the range. I would rather see Peplink keep a tight noose and maintain a high level of security compliance on their devices by not implementing MAC address cloning.

Of course, if any of the above discussion contributors can clearly show how MAC Address cloning is not a network security risk, then please do share.

A rare -1 for this feature.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I work in information security. Pretty much every device can have a MAC address changed, some in seconds, others might take minutes. This ranges from phones, computers, tablets to workstations, laptops, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, IoT devices, etc. MAC addresses should never be relied upon for anything security-related.

The reason for the feature request is WISPs make it difficult when it comes to connecting to their networks. Peplink already offers changing MAC address. most others allow cloning. so the request is to add the ability to clone. This would be a big improvement on the usability front and take down obstacle’s for many, while if you practice good security, it will not hurt security at all.

@sitloongs do you know if this was added to roadmap? thanks!


MAC Address cloning for WIFI WAN isn’t straightforward in particular for radio that acts as WiFi WAN and WiFi AP. The MAC Address cloning for WIFI WAN will affect the WIFI AP’s MAC (BSSID). This needs to be handled carefully and may need a better logic to handle.

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Thanks for letting us know. Maybe for now just allow it only if WiFi WAN is selected and WiFi AP is disabled? I typically have a separate WiFi LAN AP as do many others.

@TK_Liew was this ever added to the feature roadmap? Thank you.

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