Firmware 8.1.2 Now in GA


We have identified that SOHO MK3 2.4GHz WIFI having a known issue in 8.1.2 GA firmware. After upgrade using the 8.1.2 GA, some of the old 2.4Ghz only or IOT device failed to re-associated back to the 2.4Ghz SSID. We will announce this soon in forum.

The fix is ready SOHO MK3 8.1.2s052 build 5022 .

Thank you :heart: :heart: :heart: to @mamc , @Niek_V for all your hard work to work with us to identify the issue



The WiFi issue only affected to SOHO MK3. For your Transit device, we may need to review your setup.

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With the new firmware update, everything is working again! I am now seeing IOT devices connect that I haven’t seen in a month!


Announcement make here :heart:


I am facing 2,4 GHz issues with HomePod Mini‘s (dropouts while streaming or stop streaming, slow bandwith) and AP AC One Mini Access Points on 3.9.0 build 1067 GA ,that do not appear when HomePods are connected to 5 GHz only.
See ticket #21050430.

I’m looking at your ticket. Based on the findings, it should not related to the 8.1.2 firmware or firmware issue. Let’s us further investigate and you can update the status via forum when we able to identify what actually influence the issue :wink:


So where do we stand on an updated common firmware pack?

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@scuba_steve ,

Are you referring to the AP Controller firmware pack ? If yes, that will be depreciate soon.

For the firmware management using the AP Controller, we can now set/trigger the upgrade/downgrade the AP firmware easily instead of relying the old firmware pack method.

For more information , please refer to the attached screenshots.


Hello Peplink Team,
We may have found a firmware bug with versions 8.1.1, 8.1.2 & 8.1.3b1 affecting the cellular connections.
It isn’t easy to reproduce, and we have only seen it so far on the MAX Transit DUO.

The fault that we have been observing happens mostly when the B Slot is set to a Custom APN & then resets back to the A Slot. The A Slot will need to be on Auto APN. What appears to be happening is the A Slot wants to use the B Slots Custom APN.

  • If a SIM in the A Slot can use the B Slot APN, then the A Slot SIM will connect.
  • If the SIM in the A Slot cannot use the B Slot APN, then the A Slot SIM will fail to connect.

Sometimes the system will get stuck on the B Slot SIM and not switch back to the A Slot. We have observed that when the system is configured to use both SIMs and the B Slot is the prefered slot yet empty (no SIM in Slot B), the modem gets messed up and will not switch back to the A SIM.

This has taken us months to isolate. We thought it may have been the SIMs or the SIM Extenders we use or even the physical device, though we are reasonably confident now that it is a firmware issue that we have been chasing.

The existing related ticket to this is #21020630, where we have updated with fresh diagnostic files for the engineering team to review.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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@mldowling ,

I will check on this and update again. If the issue happen now, please keep as it’s now .

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I have checked the ticket #21020630. It’s not the firmware issue. The physical SIM card detect for Cell1 & Cell2 having issue and this is the reason why the SIM card switching is not work as expected. This is a hardware issue and please proceed to send back the device for RMA. :heart:

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Hello and Good Day

Our Surf soho is showing new firmware the same as what’s already in use. Please see screenshot.

Why is this?

If you’re trying to verify that the new firmware is being used, check the dashboard. The latest firmware shows up there but it doesn’t in the Firmware tab under System.

Thank You for responding

It shows this on the dashboard.

“8.1.2s052 build 5022” is the latest firmware, so you’re good.

Thank You again for the help.
But I don’t understand why it shows a update to download.

I’m with you on that one.

@Ballistic, @rmrcu10, this is a special case where the GA firmware has been replaced with the 8.1.2s052 special build. The team will look into getting this fixed soon, to avoid confusion. Stay tuned. :wink:

Update [09 July 2021]
The firmware server has been fixed, and I have tested on our unit too. You can check it out and let us know the outcome.


Hi WeiMing,

Thanks for the fix. I’m running the new beta (so far, so good), and the firmware check shows that; perhaps Ballistic can let us know if he sees the results of your improvement.