Configuring an External Splash Page for Captive Portal


Captive Portal allows to redirect the splash page to an external web server. The article will show you how to configure the external splash page. This setup requires you have HTML programming skills.

The following is the time sequence diagram to show the flow of a web client to authenticate through Captive Portal with External Splash Page.

External Splash Page Flowchart

The following is the attributes which will be included in the HTTP message

Attributes included in Step 2 HTTP 200 OK with redirection and Step 3 HTTPS Request to external web server :

Attributes included in Step 4 HTTP 200 OK and Step 5 HTTPS Request to

Attributes included in Step 7

Here is an example of the external splash page in php lauguage.

External Splash Page
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hi @Alan

Are you able to advise if the “External Captive Portal for Advertising Servers” would work with the following:

Parameters to be appended:


@rocknolds, may I know the “External Captive Portal for Advertising Servers” here is referring to the customer’s advertising servers?

The parameters you provided are the fields required by the customer’s server?


Hi @TK_Liew

The server can be thought of as just a webpage that is whitelisted.

The details appended to the URL are then processed by the server when the user is directed there.

The webpage then returns an authorised message in a hidden form or otherwise to notify the AP to let the user have full access.


Can I confirm these are the parameters you need to collect once a Wifi client successful redirected and signed into the external Captive Portal? You need us to customized our device’s Captive Portal, right?