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Hey Guys,
I want to create an external Splash page and ask users for some data before they can use the internet. I know that this topic was discussed before and in every topic somebody refers to “Configuring an External Splash Page for Captive Portal”, unfortunately, I cannot access this page (“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”).

Could somebody give me a working link, or even better could send me the basic php of the external portal?


How about a free Peplink Splash Page design to get you going :wink:


Hey Martin,
thank you very much! I found your page before, but was too stupid to find the link at the end of the article.
You write in your article that you used an external user authentication, but I would guess the template works with the internal authentication as well?

Can you tell me where I have to type in the external address? I’m using InControl to manage the AP but the only place where I can type in the address for an external splash is directly at the AP. If I change it there, InControl changes it back to default. Do I have to run the AP without InControl to work with an external splash?

best regards and thanks a lot!

The example code is actually using open auth (ie no auth) - this is set on line of index.php in the archive.
When you set up a captive portal in IC2, in the settings there is a section at the bottom called ‘Landing Page’ and you click the ‘Redirect To’ radio button then type the URL of the web server you are hosting the code on.


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Thanks Martin,
I managed to create the portal and everything is working fine. Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate!