Combining the bandwidth of all WAN links. 3M + 3M = 6M?


When used with Peplink SpeedFusion VPN Bonding technology, the Peplink Balance can combine the bandwidths of all available WAN links, giving you the maximum utilization of all of your bandwidth. In other cases, traffic will be distributed across all WAN links using load balancing and all bandwidth will be utilized as Peplink Balance distributes the traffic across your Internet links.

Peplink SpeedFusion Bonding
Using VPN Bonding, Peplink Balance will combine all available WAN bandwidths even when there is only ONE data transfer. A Peplink Balance will be required at each end of the traffic location for using SpeedFusion VPN Bonding.

  • When transferring a file to another branch office, a single file transfer will utilize all available WAN links.
Combine bandwidth 1


Peplink Balance Internet Link Load Balancing
Peplink Balance can utilize all available WAN bandwidths when there are multiple concurrent data transfers.

  • In a multi-user environment (e.g. office), the Internet activity of different users will generate traffic in multiple sessions. Peplink Balance distributes this traffic across all WAN links to fully utilize the bandwidth.
Combine bandwidth 2
  • Using software like a download manager, a single file transfer will be divided into multiple sessions. Peplink Balance distributes this traffic across all WAN links, taking full advantage of all available bandwidth.
Combine bandwidth 3
  • When there is only a single data transfer (e.g. when downloading a file by a single user), traffic will take place over one WAN link. In this case, the speed of the corresponding WAN link limits the data transfer rate.
Combine bandwidth 4

Peplink Balance Broadband Speed Test

In order to test the combined download speed of all WAN links, change the Peplink Balance Outbound Policy to Managed by Custom Rules, and use the Broadband Speed Test Tool (click here for details) or a download manager to test the bandwidth.

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