Captive portal on just one SSID possible?

Hi all, is it possible to use the captive portal but only have it function on one SSID of the Pepwave APs? I have the Balance One and then a couple APs I bought to test out. I like having the portal, but I don’t want it showing if we’re on Ethernet for example vs Wifi, and I only want it to show on our staff wifi network, not the management one. Is that possible? Didn’t really see that in here.

If not can I exempt by MAC address devices that I don’t want on the portal? Things like Chromecast are a pain if they have to use a portal all the time. Thanks!

Captive portal can be configured either locally on the Balance One or by using InControl2. In either case you can assign the CP to a single VLAN. So you could create a new VLAN for the WiFi clients and assign it to just that network.


Hello @psychobunny,
There is a good guide on setting up the captive portal via InContro2 here.

The sequence we find works best is:

  1. Setup your InControl2 profile/organisation
    (see guide here InControl 2 Initial Setup Guide)
  2. Create your TAGs on your devices
    (see discussion here Ssid only on one AP - #3 by mldowling)
  3. Create your Captive Portal(s)
    (as per above Configure Captive Portal in InControl2)
  4. Create your VLAN(s)
    (see Tips & Tricks here Guide to setting up VLANs for Printing with Firewall isolation)
  5. Create your SSID(s)

Once you have that setup, then you should be good to go with the Captive Portal running on a separate VLAN.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: