Can we upgrade very old firmware direct to the latested without any problems

We planning to update 30 units with different firmware and older firmware can we upgrade Pepwave devices
without any problems ? for example from version 6.3.0 to 7.1.0

Special devices as Balance one Core

Yes, you can upgrade Pepwave devices from 6.3 to 7.1.0 without any problems as long as the models are supported by this firmware version.

Please read the following forum post for more information:

Please note that the following models will NOT be supported by Firmware 7 onwards. Rather, they will
receive Firmware 6.x maintenance releases as needed:

  • MAX BR1 HW1
  • MAX BR1 Pro HW1
  • MAX On-The-Go HW 1
  • Surf SOHO HW1
  • BR1 and BR2 IP55 HW 1
  • Balance 305 HW1
  • Balance 380 HW3-5
  • Balance 580 HW1
  • Balance 710 HW 1-2
  • Balance 1350 HW1
    Please note that the following models are not compatible with Firmware 6.3.0 onwards:
  • Balance 380 HW1-2

You can download the firmware from our website:


Thanks Erik all clear !

Erik_deBie, we have a client with a Balance 20 with a firmware version 5.4.10 that we want to upgrade to 7.1.1. OK to go straight to 7.1.1 or do we need to stair step the updates? Thank you!

Hi @TrinDH,

We would recommend upgrading to 5.3.12 first, then to the latest firmware available to your device - depending on the Hardware Version. This can be found on the Status Tab of the User Interface.

You can download older Firmware from > Here < Select “Balance 20” from the drop down and then download 5.3.12 for the appropriate Hardware Version and apply that you your Balance 20.

Hope this helps,


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In addition to Steve 's advise, be aware that you need a firmware unlock key when upgrading from firmware version 5.x to 6.x.
This post explains how you can obtain your firmware unlock key:


Steve.Taylor, thank you for your reply! To clarify, since the firmware is already higher then 5.3.12, it’s currently 5.4.10 build 1769, should we be OK to upgrade straight to 7.1.1? FYI, the hardware revision is ‘1’ if that affects the result.

Erik_deBie, thank you for that information and the link. I will be sure to do that so we are prepared when we upgrade!

Hi @TrinDH,

Yes, you should be able to upgrade to 7.1.1 - subject to obtaining a licence key, as suggested by @Erik_deBie - it may be worth upgrading to 6.3.4 first, but not essential.



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Steve.Taylor, Thank you! I will post the result once done!

Hello @FL419,
There is one model (with specific Serial Numbers) of the Balance Routers that is recommended to be upgrade with a specific version of firmware before going to Version 7.x or later.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: