How to Better Manage Firmware Updates

Updating Firmware Using InControl

Method 1a: Updating Device Group Using InControl

On your InControl organization, select the group you wish to update Firmware for. Then use the top bar to navigate to Settings > Firmware Policy

Here you can select which firmware to update on which machines. These configurations will appear in all machines within the group. If you are dealing with a large number of machines, you may wish to use InControl’s firmware scheduling functions. Click Save Changes to complete the process.

Method 1b: Updating Individual Devices Firmware Using InControl

On the individual device page, navigate to Settings > Firmware Management

From there, you can select the firmware you wish to update your device with. Press Save Changes to apply your changes

Updating Firmware Using the Web UI

After login Web Admin of your Peplink/Pepwave unit, go to “System > Firmware”

There are two methods to upgrade your Peplink Balance / Peplink FusionHub / Pepwave MAX to the latest firmware:

Method 2a: Download the Latest Firmware Using the Web Admin

You can click the “Check for Firmware” button to check the latest firmware. Your Peplink/Pepwave unit will download and upgrade the firmware automatically. (Please note that you need to have Internet connection via a WAN interface)

Method 2b: Upload a firmware pack Firmware from your Computer

Alternatively, you can download the firmware binaries here, then upload it from your local computer. Click “Choose File” to locate your file, then “Manual Upgrade” to perform the upgrade.
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