Obtaining Your Free Firmware License Key


As of June 2015, Peplink products come with free Firmware upgrades. If your Firmware is requesting a license key, please follow these steps:

- Create an InControl 2 Account

- Create an InControl 2 Organization

- Add Your Device to InControl 2

- Access Your Firmware Key

Create an InControl 2 Account

Skip this step if you already have an InControl 2 organization

InControl 2 is our centralized device management platform with which we are delivering the free Firmware keys.

Creating an Account Using Your Google Account

1) Navigate to incontrol2.peplink.com, and the login screen will appear. Click on the Sign in with Google button to create a new account.

Simply grant InControl permissions for your Google account. Proceed to Next Step.

Creating an Account Using Your Email Address

1) Navigate to incontrol2.peplink.com, and the login screen will appear. Click on the Signup button to create a new account.

2) On the following screen, enter some basic information, and then click Submit to continue.

3) You will then receive an activation email in your inbox, open the email and click the Link to activate account to finish creating your account.


Create Your InControl 2 Organization and First Group

1) After creating an account, the Create Organization screen will appear. Fill in the information and press Submit

2) Then, the Create Group page will appear. Fill in the information and press Create group

Your InControl 2 account, organization, and group are now set up.

Add Your Device to InControl 2

Skip this step if your device is already registered in InControl 2

1) From your Organization dashboard, navigate to Organization > Organization Settings and click Add Devices.

2) On the Add Devices screen, select the group for your device, enter its serial number, and click Next... to finish adding your device.


Access Your License Key

1) From your Organization dashboard, click the group your device is in.

2) Then click your device to reach the device details page. There, you will find your Firmware license key

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I followed the steps here, but nowhere on the device details page is there a Firmware Key.

How can I get this so that I can enable the third port on my Balance 20?


The above are instructions for obtaining the firmware unlock key. If you want to activate the third WAN port on your Balance 20 you would need to purchase the license key:



We have a Peplink 1350 and I’m getting asked for a key after upgrading to firmware 6.3.4. I followed the instructions and copied the unlock key, everything before the … and I’m getting a message saying that it’s an invalid unlock key. Is there something I’m missing on how to get the key?


Just make sure you are copying and pasting it correctly. Otherwise you can open a support ticket with us. Thanks


What can be done when it is not possible to register the device because it is not supported, such as PEPLink Balance 310 HW1?


@Manuel, what is it you are trying to do? The 310 HW1 is EoL and not supported on InControl2 and the last firmware version for it is 5.4.9. Thanks


Hi Tim,
I would like to be able to update at least until version 5.4.9 but for this I need the unlock key to be able to pass from version 4.x to 5.4.9
Many thanks


Manuel - Log a ticket. Engineering can provide an unlock code for you.


Thank you
I just created a ticket


Everything has gone right thanks to the unlock key for firmware v5.4.9

Many Thanks!!