[Known Issue] Balance One Boot Up Issues

A certain batch of Balance One / Balance One Core devices have been experiencing issues such as:

  • Not being able to boot up.
  • Occasionally rebooting after a short period of operation.

This is happening because of timing issues with the RAM in the affected devices. This issue affects devices with serial numbers in the following ranges:

  • 192C-25BC-D1XX to 192C-29A3-CCXX
  • 192C-29AF-CCXX to 192C-29EF-88XX

If you have devices that are affected, you will have already received an email. Otherwise, your devices are not affected and no action is necessary. Here is the download that addresses this issue:

Firmware Fix for the Balance One

Once you have installed this firmware fix, the issue will be resolved and you will be able to use any firmware without issue. If you have difficulty installing the firmware fix, please open up a support ticket and we’ll take care of you.


If you are having problems flashing the firmware (as it goes off-line before before you have a chance) we have found the following procedure successful in upgrading the unit:-

  1. Download v6.3.2s001 ](http://download.peplink.com/firmware/plb1/fw-b1_210hw4_310hw4_br1ent_transit_m700hw3_hd2mini_hd4-6.3.2s001-build2428.bin) as stated above
  2. Disconnect all leads from unit with the exception of single LAN connection
  3. Disconnect power from unit for a minimum of 1 hour
  4. From your PC, run a constant ping to the device, e.g. ping -t (Replace with your Peplink’s IP address)
  5. Power up device and monitor ping command
  6. Once you see a reply, immediately log onto unit and upload firmware v6.3.2s001 to device: System / Firmware / Manual Firmware Upgrade / Browse
  7. If the unit does not sucessfully upgrade, increase “Power Off” time in Step 3, e.g. overnight and repeat process from Step 3.

We have successfully upgrade multiple units using the steps above, all of which haven’t missed a beat since.

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Hello @Alan,
We have recently discover some of our clients with serial numbers need patching (in preparation for Firmware 7.1.1) though our beta test processes and client system reviews. This is the process we have developed for applying the fix when systems are managed by InControl2.

Note #1: You can not use the custom firmware options from within the InControl2 Firmware management to push this fix to the units as they will get stuck attempting to do the firmware update and need a manually reboot, this reboot (which can be pushed from InControl2) will restore the unit to the working firmware before the failed attempt at the patch was done

Note #2: This downgrade process and restoration of current firmware works with FW 7.1.0 from our testing even if both firmware slots are running Firmware 7.x

RAM Timing Process via InContrl2

Download the configuration current configuration before before beginning the process.

Step #1: Set up at either a device, group or organisation level the version of firmware you want running on the router (for this example we are using FW 7.1.0).
Step #2: Following the link from @Alan, download the firmware to a computer where you can access the Web Admin page from, for this process we are basing on that your can access the device using InControl2’s Remote Web Admin.
Step #3: Navigate to the menus of System / Firmware
Upload the firmware file download in Step #2 with the Manual Firmware Upgrade process.
Step #4: Let the system reboot, this will happen twice, once to apply the patch and a second time to apply the firmware nominated from Step #1. This process could take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete, we have seen it take less than 5 minutes depending on connection and system environments.

Check the settings and reload the previously downloaded configuration if there are any discrepancies.

Caution: This process is not without risk, we can not guarantee that the process of going backwards with a firmware version will carry all of the system systems required to get your device restore/online remotely to InControl2 though this process has work for all of our system tested to date, therefor proceed with caution and consider having backups of the configurations and a paperclip handy at each site.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


My Peplink Balance One REV3
SN 192C-2CD5-BE**

Still randomly hanging since 6.3.2build 2427
even on 7.1.0s001 b3439
my case number is [Ticket #766206]

We will follow up with you in ticket 766206.

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