Balance one w/wifi

Well I thought i’d try a peplink again. Went up to a Balance one this time. Bought it on June 8 2021. As of tonight it has cut out both my my lte modem connections. Status led is green. No response on login to web gui. But hey it still gives me a IP address and a gateway address. Reset changes my default ip addresses back to the range. So I guess i’m either the most unlucky guy ever to buy these routers or I guess the cooled enclosure with its own backup ups isn’t enough to keep these finicky things running. Everything else in the enclosure has been in there for a few years so no clue now. I think I may take out my frustrations with my excavator and drive over it a few times maybe it’ll work better afterwards.

Any ideas on what else I could try?

And now its working again after 5 hard resets. Can someone from support let me know what I can do with this thing to get it fixed? Obviously something wrong with it and I doubt there are any saved logs after that many resets. I can provide serial number and any info needed. Thanks.

Suggest you log a ticket for them to take a look.

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where you say “cooled enclosure”, do you mean its a metal enclosure? If so do you have the wifi on? If you got an older version of the balance one you may have one which experiences problems with wifi interference which can crash the device.

If it has metal over the top of it try turning the wifi off or moving it out of the enclosure to see if it stops the issue.

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Thanks James the wifi isn’t enabled I use Access points around the house. Only thing I use the router for is the multi wan capability. Cooled as in it is on its own shelf in my server rack and I have fans pulling air in from the bottom and exhausting out the top. I’ve got 2 UPS on their own shelf, 1 large NAS and a Unifi router and unifi switch inside the enclosure. (22U enclosure so there is quite a bit of room left in there. This thing is driving me a bit nuts not sure why they die on me. I’ve got a crappy old TPlink multiwan router I kept as a backup that won’t die for anything and i’m only putting 2 - 25 Mbit modem/router combos through this unit it doesn’t even do any routing for the internal network. Thanks.

I should say too its HW3 on the box and the enclosure its hard to tell if its metal looks like brushed aluminum almost with plastic on both ends. Didn’t have a backup of the settings either so its all wiped now (not that its hard to setup as everything was forwarded onto another router).

I did Martin thanks was curious if anyone had this sort of issue before? I definitely do not trust it at all now if it will shut down for an entire day and require 5 hard resets and 24 hours before it comes back up.

Hello @Aaron_Brooker.
There was an issue for some of a very early batch of the Balance One routers with a “RAM Timing Process”, you can see the official announcement here and notes on the fix.

Since then, we have deployed countless numbers of these, and they have kept on working and have firmware 8.1.1 or later on them.
Follow with a support ticket if you are still having issues as recommended by @MartinLangmaid above.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks mldowling compoared my version and it doesn’t match up with any of those listed in the article. Will keep following up with support.

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No response from web GUI? Ugh. My guess is that the box is in a hard cpu loop. My experience has been that the OS on the router is not smart enough to carve out some cpu cycles for the web GUI and limit cpu usage by everything else.
Sadly, I have no advice as the router does not keep a log of cpu usage. All we can do is view it in real time. And, there is no task manager in the router, so even if you catch a cpu loop, you can’t pinpoint a process.

Maybe you can tell if it feels hot when its hung vs. normal temperature? Thats the only way I can think of to pinpoint a cpu loop.

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It didn’t seem overly warm to me when I felt it. It had stopped all routing functions as I thought one or both of my lte modem/routers had quit. It wasn’t until I realized the peplink was the only thing I couldn’t login to that it was the culprit. I could ping it with no issues and it was giving out ip addresses but that was it.

Thanks for the help guys going to ship this thing back and get my money back. I don’t have time to wait for it to happen again as I need access to my stuff at home while i’m away for work and can’t afford to sit here and recreate the incident. No log files were leftover due to having to do a hard reset but i’m not trusting this unit anymore as much as I like the load balancing rules these units provide my old tplink at least didn’t lock up to the point of no connection at all. Unless anyone has any recommendations on sub $1000.00 units here that don’t have these issues. Had Balance 20 and it completely crashed to the point of being totally unusable so I don’t think i’ll be trying that unit again either.